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This was a good week for reading! And not only because I happen to know both of the authors whose books I read. Both The Girl at Midnight and Spirit’s Key were fast and engrossing books, and I am excited to recommend them here.

the girl at midnightThe Girl at Midnight is by Melissa Grey, and is coming to shelves in April 2015! (Yes, I read it as part of the Fearless Fifteeners’ ARC tour.) It’s a fantasy set in the present day, where two ancient races are seeking an end to the ongoing war between them. The Avicen are birdlike people with feathers for hair who live beneath the streets of New York City. The Drakharin have scales and the ability to command fire. Echo is the human teenager who gets sucked into the middle of their war, via a search for the mythical Firebird. If it sounds epic and complicated…it is. But Grey juggles the multiple points of view beautifully. I don’t want to give too much away here, but I will say, if you’re a fan of recent YA fantasies like the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series and the Grisha trilogy (of which I admit I have only read the first book!), you should pick this one up. I am already dying to read Book Two, and that one doesn’t come out until 2016!

spirit's keySpirit’s Key by Edith Cohn is a middle-grade fantasy/ghost story that has a classic feel. It’s about a twelve-year-old girl, Spirit Holden, who comes from a family that can read people’s futures by holding their house keys. When the book starts, Spirit hasn’t come into her gift yet — but that’s about to change. When the wild dogs that live on remote Bald Island start turning up dead, the superstitious islanders fear that they’re next. Then Spirit starts seeing the ghost of her own recently deceased dog, Sky. With help from Sky and one of the island’s few other preteen residents, Nector, Spirit attempts to solve the mystery of what’s happening to her beloved island home. This book was a definite page-turner! I wanted to know what was causing the mysterious illnesses on the island — whether it would turn out to be supernatural or human in origin — almost as much as Spirit did, and I loved how the whole thing played out in the end. Another solid recommendation for anyone who loves middle-grade fiction.

That’s all for now! Anyone else reading anything good these days?