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In March, April, and May, the YA Buccaneers are doing a Spring Writing Bootcamp—and I am so excited to dive in and try to meet some major writing goals. Do you have writing goals you want to meet? Do you want accountabilibuddies (thanks to Dahlia Adler for that awesome word!) to help you stay on track? Join in our bootcamp! Learn more HERE.


Step one in the process is to write out my goals. Luckily, I love making lists. Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish in the months ahead:


I’m currently working on polishing/prepping the beginnings of two different projects for my agent. One’s the YA that I hope will be my follow-up to THE DISTANCE BETWEEN LOST AND FOUND (book 2 is the ballet book I’ve talked about a little on the blog, for those of you keeping track). The other is formerly YA, soon-to-be MG (and I’m keeping details about this one close to the vest at the moment). The plan:

  • Polish up first 30ish pages of YA-in-progress, currently titled EVERYTHING’S BEAUTIFUL.
  • Turn first 50ish pages of formerly YA book into MG, and create a chapter-by-chapter outline of the rest.
  • Send both beginnings (and the MG outline) to my agent by the end of the month!


If all of that goes as planned, and my agent gives me the go-ahead, then I have two big goals for the rest of the spring:

  • Finish the first draft of EVERYTHING’S BEAUTIFUL and send to beta-readers. I have about 45K at this point, but it’s *messy* — so even after I get to the end, there’s still work to be done before it’s ready for people to see.
  • Finish reworking the formerly-YA into MG. This manuscript is finished, and has been revised a few times, but dropping the age is going to change some key elements, so I’ll have work to do.

It’s hard to say now which of those two goals will take priority, so you’ll have to stay tuned! In the meantime, I’m stoked to have so many people tackling their goals at the same time and keeping me focused. And don’t forget, you can sign up too, by going HERE!

Happy Writing,